Workshops With Karen Marshall

Living Room Critiques

My living room critiques are small independent workshops that meet in my home in New York City.  These sessions offer an intimate but structured environment where the photographer receives expert input and ongoing dialog with fellow photographers.  This supportive setting is for photographers who enjoy working independently, but also appreciate structured critiques and group.

I am also available for individual sessions if that works better for your schedule.  Please refer to my one to one sessions here or contact me here and I will explain my rates and packages available to work individually with you on your projects and portfolios.

The International Center Of Photography in New York City

Fall 2017

People and Place: The Documentary Portrait

Tuesdays 10AM - 1 PM

September 26th - November 28th

The camera is a powerful observer of people. It has the capacity to witness both the obvious and the subtle ways in which we form foundations and build beliefs. A portrait can sometimes be seen as a cultural landscape that describes a set of values and rituals without revealing them literally in the frame. Alternately, an image depicting a place can portray its inhabitants without physical representation, allowing objects and structures to articulate a way of life. In this course, we look at what it means to create images that address the social, cultural, or emotional space of people and the places they inhabit. Participants will discuss strategies for photographing people within a cultural context; working on specific projects, they will create documentary essays. Through class critiques and the honing of editorial skills, students will gain a deeper understanding of their personal motivation and desire, and create meaningful work about the world through their lens. 




Developing Projects Establishing Vision

October 4-December 6th

12 - 2PM (EST)

This course is for students who are ready to commit to a long-term project. Participants will cultivate ideas, discover personal intentions, develop strategies to accomplish long-term goals, and examine aesthetic and technical intentions when creating images. They will focus on an idea, story, or theme to explore throughout the semester, and examine why they have chosen digital or film, 35mm, medium or large format, monochrome or color, and if they conceive the final work as prints, multimedia, or web-based presentations. Each week, students will upload images to be viewed and responded to by their classmates. During weekly live WebEx sessions, they will participate in class exercises that show how various methods of grouping photographs can strengthen individual images, create series and sequence, and frame ideas. Students will initiate photography projects and examine them within the context of established work in museums, galleries, books, and publications. 


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