Workshops With Karen Marshall

Living Room Critiques

My living room critiques are small independent workshops that meet in my home in New York City.  These sessions offer an intimate but structured environment where the photographer receives expert input and ongoing dialog with fellow photographers.  This supportive setting is for photographers who enjoy working independently, but also appreciate structured critiques and group.

I am also available for individual sessions if that works better for your schedule.  Please refer to my one to one sessions here or contact me here and I will explain my rates and packages available to work individually with you on your projects and portfolios.


CAMERA + International Center of Photography


JULY 13- 31 

Live classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays for this three week intensive

A collaboration between Turin, Italy and New York City

This three-week Online Intensive Course in Visual Storytelling challenges photographers to address the social, cultural or emotional space of people and the places they inhabit while providing them with the tools necessary to make evocative and compelling visual stories.

This course will provide a unique opportunity to share diverse perspectives from various geographic locations while offering photographers support on how best to make effective visual stories. The global pandemic has made us think differently about how we see community, our everyday life and the culture that surrounds us. While some participants may be documenting within a restricted landscape, others may have the opportunity to explore a newly opened world. By supporting these unique personal viewpoints during this unprecedented time, the stories developed together promise to be of value and significance.

Through independent assignments, critiques and the honing of editorial skills, this intensive course encourages a collaborative environment where participants engage in meaningful dialogue to broaden their way of working and seeing. Students will consider various strategies for photographing while exploring how a group of photographs seen in concert with one another can create an effective narrative. Our aim is to produce content that has depth and substance and create a short essay that is most appropriate for a particular story.

Students will be asked to define what “sense of place” means in a photograph, and delve into what it takes to tell stories about the social landscape. They will gain a deeper understanding of their individual motivation and unique perspectives, be they personal, political or metaphoric, and build compelling visual stories about this unusual time in which we live in. Lectures on content, trends in visual storytelling, and the ethics of storytelling will support the picture-making.

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