Workshops With Karen Marshall


Visual Storytelling: Putting It All Together

Maine Media Workshops

June 19 - 23

In Person In Rockport, Maine

Whether documenting a specific community, contemplating an interpersonal relationship, or capturing the highlights of a political or historical drama as it unfolds; visual stories have been a central theme in photography since its inception. Many photographers have the talent yet lack the basic understanding of how to creatively build a narrative out of their own images.

Guided by Karen Marshall, using Maine as our sketchpad, we will spend our week together, both photographing and in intensive critique. We will look at the stories we come across in the social landscape and explore various ways to articulate our observations in a single frame, and in groups of images seen together in concert.

By learning how to implement various editing and sequencing techniques participants will gain a strong foundation of how to organize their work into powerful visual narratives. We will consider how text, audio and video, and book design may support and/or expand our photographic practice. 

The class will ruminate on how to develop images into coherent edits for portfolios, exhibitions, book projects, and clients. Ultimately, our intensive week together will foster a deeper understanding of the visual story.

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Summer Masterclass: Stories From Turin


July 14-28

In Person in Turin Italy

CAMERA and the ICP- The International Center of Photography in New York City are excited to announce the eighth edition of ICP meets CAMERA: a unique partnership that offers emerging photographers the opportunity to study with visiting faculty from ICP in an intensive Masterclass in Turin, Italy in July.

ICP’s rigorous student-centered curriculum provides participants with an immersive experience while introducing them to the tools necessary to make effective visual stories about the world.

This two week densely packed master class offers photographers the advantage of taking a deep dive into understanding the intricate aspects of what it means to create visual stories with photographs while exploring how their work can live as a zine, an interactive website or a group of photographs hanging on the wall in an exhibition.

Each participant will work on a short story of their choosing while exploring their unique voice as an image maker. Through fieldwork, critiques, and the honing of editorial and technical skills, this program encourages a collaborative environment where participants engage in meaningful dialogue to broaden their way of working and seeing. The purpose is to produce content that has depth and substance.

The schedule is dense, and students should expect to commit fully to these two weeks. When not in the classroom they will be photographing and/or editing their work in preparation for their final presentation. Each applicant will propose a story idea to work on while in Turin. 

Photographers who complete the summer masterclass are automatically accepted into the One-Year Certificate program in New York City, joining a list of notable alumni, many of the world’s most prominent photographers in the field.

Please note that the application deadline is June 8th.

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Living Room Critiques

My living room critiques are small independent workshops that meet in my home in New York City.  These sessions offer an intimate but structured environment where the photographer receives expert input and ongoing dialog with fellow photographers.  This supportive setting is for photographers who enjoy working independently, but also appreciate structured critiques and group.

I am also available for individual sessions if that works better for your schedule.  Please refer to my one to one sessions here or contact me here and I will explain my rates and packages available to work individually with you on your projects and portfolios.

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